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Failed Architecture aims to open up perspectives on urban failure, from what it’s perceived to be, what is actually happening and how it’s represented to the public. FA believes that there is a demand for more holistic, 360-degree observations that lay bare the downsides of urban development and architecture instead of just looking at the physical results produced by architects. Next to an ongoing online exploration and live lectures and debates, FA conducts research workshops on site.

These have been carried out in a variety of cities, amongst which Berlin, Nottingham, Amsterdam, SharjahSofia, Tallinn, Porto, Copenhagen, Budapest and Belgrade.

The aim of the workshop is to understand the context and path-dependency of a particular building, neighbourhood or urban phenomenon (i.e. vacancy, social unrest, speculation), that is considered to be problematic.

savamala2Workshop in session in Savamala, Belgrade.

The workshops are organised together with a local host organisation that supports Failed Architecture both practically and in content. Together with the organisation, a topical case is selected, a programme is set up, and participants are invited to apply.

foto 2 (1)Final presentation of our research workshop in Rapla, near Tallinn

Together with a group of 20 to 30 participants, FA performs a multiple-day research that breaks down the history of the specific case. By analysing different layers that influence it – the built environment, the social context, the economics, the reputation and the politics – a physical timeline is created. The timeline shows the history of the case from various, interconnected angles.

rapla_fa_ws-largeM-865x323Research result of the workshop carried out in Rapla, as part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

The participants conduct the research with FA’s guidance, the input of local experts and their own investigations. This includes lectures, desk and archival research, interviews and field analysis. The timeline is the basis for further discussion about the challenges and constraints, and the potential of the case.

FA Workshop in your city?
Failed Architecture welcomes invitations from cities around the world to set up a local research workshop. The workshop generally raises local attention to the subject of research, evoking opinions, collaborations and media coverage, all contributing to the holistic investigation carried out. Participants discover new ways of analysing the built environment, taking into account the different forces and actors in the urban arena. Failed Architecture brings in the methodology, but also relevant knowledge and reference cases from their ongoing research.

Please contact info@failedarchitecture for inquiries about developing a local workshop.

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