A refreshing book looking at the social, cultural and philosophical qualities of urban leftover spaces in one of the world's densest cities.

Tokyo Void: Possibilities in Absence

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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Fifty years after the formation of Amsterdam's Provo movement we take a fresh look at the urban landscape which inspired and accompanied the group in their revolt against the controlled and sanitized Dutch capital.

Amsterdam’s Former Totems of Dissent

Featured article by Lawrence James Bailey
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Mortal Cities and Forgotten Monuments

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A Failed Fourteen

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Glimpses of an anti-architectural ‘interval period’ during a super-fast high rise construction in Manhattan, captured by Sina Zekavat.

Photo Essay: Construction Sights

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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Life Inside the Vele di Scampia

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Modernism in urban design is widely despised, but far away from major cities, high in the Alps, modernism's aspirations continue to be realised.

A Town is a Machine for Movement: Alpine Modernism

Featured article by David Mountain
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Sierra Leone's capital Freetown has been closed down several times during the Ebola outbreak, emptying the city's streets.

Photo Essay: Ebola Curfew in Freetown

Featured article by Killian Doherty
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The acute city versus obtuse urban redevelopment: Istanbul's urban structure is being replaced by big, slow, and stupid projects.

Istanbul’s Fading Metabolism

Featured article by Jesse Honsa
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The bizarre history and images of Berlin's notorious run-down amusement park.

Spreepark: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauty

Featured article by Jens Peter Kutz
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Space Battle

Because each spatial intervention is the direct result of an ideology, architecture is complicit in materialising political, economical and financial power structures. Vernacular architecture can be a counterweight.

Myths of Modernism

Modernism promised the future but has now shifted to the past. FA assesses both the optimistic and pessimistic Myths of Modernism and their corresponding realities, which are not always in sync.

Ruin & Dystopia

Urban decay and dystopian worlds are not merely a blogger's fetish. They can help to clarify a city’s historical layers, societal dynamics and imaginations of the future.

Future Failure

Current developments in architecture influence the future make-up of our world.

Architected Stuff

The architectural culture suffers from vanity and the mass-production of meaningless viral eye-candy. Like Kanye says: 'everything needs to be architected'.
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