In The Netherlands, self-built homes and minimal planning dictation generate a new and eclectic type of suburbia. Photographer Sonia Mangiapane takes us on a visual tour.

Photo Essay: Utopia by the Plot

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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Contemporary urban developments exacerbate rather than solve Cairo's centuries-old divisions.

Cairo’s Metropolitan Landscape: Segregation Extreme

Featured article by Abdelbaseer Mohamed
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Amsterdam's despised 70s and 80s urban renewal architecture is successfully holding out against waves of citywide gentrification, for now.

Photo Essay: On the Resilience of Ugliness

Featured article by René Boer
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Georgia's changing political orientation has been continuously reflected in the dynamics of its capital's former Republic Square: from military parades, to soviet relics and a vertical refugee camp, to sanitised commercial functions.

Tbilisi’s Rose Revolution Square: a Political Showcase

Featured article by Tinatin Gurgenidze and Sebastian Weber
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Failed Architecture will lead a research workshop in Amman as part of the Spring Sessions, a three-month arts residency programme.

FA Workshop: Amman

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Unfinished Spaces

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A legendary venue for street art is now history. Torn apart, quite literally, by a new economy. But just how did a former factory become this legend and why was there no chance to save it?

Gangs of New York: the Battle for 5 Pointz

Featured article by Margaret McCormick
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Mortal Cities and Forgotten Monuments

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Glimpses of an anti-architectural ‘interval period’ during a super-fast high rise construction in Manhattan, captured by Sina Zekavat.

Photo Essay: Construction Sights

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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Modernism in urban design is widely despised, but far away from major cities, high in the Alps, modernism's aspirations continue to be realised.

A Town is a Machine for Movement: Alpine Modernism

Featured article by David Mountain
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Space Battle

Because each spatial intervention is the direct result of an ideology, architecture is complicit in materialising political, economical and financial power structures. Vernacular architecture can be a counterweight.

Myths of Modernism

Modernism promised the future but has now shifted to the past. FA assesses both the optimistic and pessimistic Myths of Modernism and their corresponding realities, which are not always in sync.

Ruin & Dystopia

Urban decay and dystopian worlds are not merely a blogger's fetish. They can help to clarify a city’s historical layers, societal dynamics and imaginations of the future.

Future Failure

Current developments in architecture influence the future make-up of our world.

Architected Stuff

The architectural culture suffers from vanity and the mass-production of meaningless viral eye-candy. Like Kanye says: 'everything needs to be architected'.
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