A 4-day research workshop on the history, present and future of a modernist campus belonging to one the oldest universities in the world. Apply now!

FA Workshop in Cairo: Al-Azhar’s Nasr City Campus

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London’s clubbing scene and its creative scene more generally will soon be in terminal decline. Something needs to be done to arrest the growing inability of people to see each other regularly.

Clubbing’s Demise and the Downfall of London

Featured article by Charlie Clemoes
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In times of anxiety and constriction, despots build. But what to do with the architectural heritage they leave behind?

Architecture After Excess: The Palaces of Saddam’s Baghdad

Featured article by Owen Vince
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In this Brooklyn neighbourhood, a shop's 'authenticity' is as much an aesthetic expression as it is a marketing tool. This read examines the new repertoire of cultural appropriation.

Colonising the Street: How Greenpoint’s Retail Newcomers Market Authenticity

Featured article by Elise Vleugels
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A 4-day speculative research workshop, looking at the history and future of learning environments. November 10-13 in Witten, registration is now open.

FA Workshop at Urban School Ruhr: Cutting up the Campus

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We discuss the artist’s recent album Social Housing, his modernist DDR neighbourhood, housing policies, and living in Berlin as an artist, while he shows us around Marzahn.

Berlin Marzahn: Social Housing With Marquis Hawkes

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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Now available! Your boutique luxury condo awaits, bursting with amenities, in rough-edged Brooklyn’s bodacious new developments.

Photo Essay: Brooklyn’s New Everyday Architecture for the 1%

Featured article by Jeff Byles and Cameron Blaylock
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Art director Vera van de Sandt and photographer Jur Oster captured Brazil’s pay-per-hour sex accommodations before they were transformed into non-descript hotels for the 2016 Olympics.

Photo Essay: The Fading Glory of Brazil’s Disappearing Love Motels

Featured article by Mark Minkjan
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How the aestheticisation of iconic slums limits people’s understanding of informal urbanism.

Slum Porn: Urban Misery as Catchy Imagery

Featured article by René Boer and Mark Minkjan
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Public spaces that are for some people, for some of the time, will kill urbanity. Real cities have many open and unscripted places where otherness is encountered, and where non-consumers are also citizens.

The Tyranny of the Filter Bubble and the Future of Public Space

Featured article by René Boer and Mark Minkjan
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How does a decadent darling on the chopping block become an unlikely underdog: the famous restaurant in New York's Seagram Building and its mandatory hip makeover.

Last Season: the Final Moments of the Four Seasons

Featured article by Margaret McCormick
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Photographer Hussam Da’na captured the precarious state of the old film theaters in the center of the Jordanian capital.

Photo Essay: Amman’s Forgotten Cinemas

Featured article by René Boer
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Space Battle

Because each spatial intervention is the direct result of an ideology, architecture is complicit in materialising political, economical and financial power structures. Vernacular architecture can be a counterweight.

Myths of Modernism

Modernism promised the future but has now shifted to the past. FA assesses both the optimistic and pessimistic Myths of Modernism and their corresponding realities, which are not always in sync.

Ruin & Dystopia

Urban decay and dystopian worlds are not merely a blogger's fetish. They can help to clarify a city’s historical layers, societal dynamics and imaginations of the future.

Future Failure

Current developments in architecture influence the future make-up of our world.

Architected Stuff

The architectural culture suffers from vanity and the mass-production of meaningless viral eye-candy. Like Kanye says: 'everything needs to be architected'.
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